A win for losers.

Rocket Man Scam Coin(RMSC) is a big win for all of those peeps out there who get scammed by fake ICOs.It is really hard sometimes to tell the difference between a real low budget project and a clever con.This is because they both utilize the same cheap deployment methods.My project is aimed at cloning the failed attempts to appease investors by the Bitminutes team.So all of you bag holders can have this one small victory.

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We have all of the gimmicks!

Thats right from a boot strap template home page to my state of art undistributable token.All the cool stuff is here.Most scam coins have a fake telegram chat and a fake mining app but I did them both in one application.I even took the time to fake a hashrate so people couldn't accuse me of stakeing a fake virtual currency.No sir, pure fake mining all the way!

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We have a lovely chat at scamMinutes.
Zero moderation is allowed and all guest are welcome.
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Low power mining!

When I say low power, I mean it! You're phone will be dead in short order if you leave it fake mining on the app listed below.

Real coder.

The RMSC project (aka:Bitminutes is a scam taunt) has one full time coder.

Made with Love

Always ready to hand out cupcakes or brownies.lol (see chats)

Main Bitminutes Community Chat Viewer (banned members can't see the main chat on tg this is a html workaround)

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Below is an email you can contact me at.Please do not email for anything other than project support.If you want to beat up on me use the tg chat,it's just easier!